Tuesday, February 7, 2023

St. Valentine's Day - 1 Week to go


On the 14th February we'll be celebrating St. Valentine's Day. In many countries in the world lovers will be expressing their love for their partner or their spouse or their would-be lover with greeting cards, flowers, chocolates, and all sorts of gifts - from inexpensive and funny to expensive and serious.

The French, as would be expected, draws lovers to their shores in boat loads since they have a celebrated lover of their own. Some hundred years ago Charles, Duke of Orleans, was captured by the English in one of their frequent skirmishes and imprisoned for 25 years.

While in prison he wrote over 60 poems to his wife addressing her as 'my valentine.' Needless to say, some of the poems were not the cheery types written today as the poor duke was stuck in various prisons, including the Tower of London, with no hope of release till the King chose to let him go. Here's one, for example/

My Very Gentle Valentine

by Charles d’Orleans (c. 1394-1465) loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

My very gentle Valentine,

Alas, for me you were born too soon,

As I was born too late for you!

May God forgive my jailer

Who has kept me from you this entire year.

I am sick without your love, my dear,

My very gentle Valentine.


However, now and then his poetry is more in the style we expect a Valentine's Day poem to be:-

translation by Michael R. Burch

Love of my life,

light of my morning―

arise, brightly dawning,

for you are my sun.

Give me of heaven

both manna and leaven―

desirous Presence,

Passionate One.

Hopefully this article has inspired many lovers out there to try their hand at a poem that unlike a box of chocolates, can live for ever. You have whole seven days to have a go.

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Friday, December 30, 2022

Happy and Fulfilling 2023

May January be filled with Joy

May February be filled with Fulfilment

May March be filled with Merriment

May April be filled with Amusement

May be filled with Mirth

May June be filled with Jubilation

May July be filled with Joviality

May August be filled with Appreciation

May September be filled with Satisfaction

May October be filled with Optimism

May December be filled with Delight