Monday, January 30, 2017

Commitment Ceremony Certificates

In Australia only.
If you're looking for Commitment of Vows Certificates, look no further.

Here are 25, differently designed certificates for just $15.

They will be sent to you as a Word Document, where you simply substitute your own details for those that have been added as a sample for you to follow. As well as a different design, you will also find a variety of text to help you create a personalised Commitment of Vows Certificates for your couples.

Whether your couples are setting up home together, or celebrating their wedding engagement, you will find wording to suit the particular situation.

You can, mix and match, as you need to, and then simply print out the certificate on your own printer.

You can even change the format of the wording, if you want to. Each certificate is an A4 document that you can edit as you do the letters you write.

For just 60 cents a Certificate, you will never need to buy another Certificate for a Commitment Ceremony.

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