Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Honeymoon Review

Here’s a review I received on Amazon for my Honeymoon book from a professional lady, Tessa Jones.

‘This fun read is helping me plan my honeymoon to Europe. Look past the cover to the gems of knowledge inside. The author knows her stuff. A helpful guide at a stressful time.’

I’m assuming that the cover doesn’t represent what this reader expected. So I’m going to ask the Blog readers what sort of cover they'd like to see when looking for a Honeymoon book.

1. A Honeymoon in a caravan, car, railway (No, not the Orient express, this one is in Africa) liner and, of course, plane.

2. Honeymoon accommodation which includes home (yes, you can have a honeymoon at home. Just don’t tell your friends or answer the phone) hotel, bed and breakfast, palaces (and you thought only royalty could do that) and igloos (called ice castles).

3. Honeymoon for two, or three or more. It wasn’t only Wordsworth who decided that having his sister on his Honeymoon could add to the fun. Modern couples bring their children, avant garde couples invite their ex partners, attached couples bring their pets; and some bring all their guests.

4. Getting to the nitty-gritty, there’s the beach Honeymoon (with or without clothes) there’s the pub crawls (drinking your way from one part of the country to the other) the educational Honeymoon exploring Museums, Art Galleries, Salt Mines that look like chapels, Railway stations that look like Art Galleries, Miniature Worlds, Parks and Gardens to lose yourself in, and Mazes where you just get lost.

5. Follow in the footsteps of Kings and Presidents, Authors and Gamblers, Celebrities with half a dozen or more Honeymoons under their belts, Politicians and other famous and infamous personalities.

6. Find out what can ruin your Honeymoon, what can add zing to it, and how you can continue it even when you get back home.

So now, leave a message here, or email me direct at vlady_celebrant@yahoo.com.au and tell me what sort of book cover you'd like to see when searching for a Honeymoon book.
Here's the current one. Find it on Amazon.

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