Thursday, December 31, 2015

Make Me a Millionaire!

 1st January 2016, It’s that day when people make resolutions. Usually these resolutions last a week or two. Sometimes even a month two. But, rarely do they last.

People are rather clever about these resolutions. They keep them secret. They don’t share them with their nearest and dearest. Experience has taught them that nearest and dearest have much better memories of these resolutions than those who’ve made them.

Thinking on these lines, I remembered one piece of advice of Tony Robbins, the American guru on getting out of life everything you wanted - and more.

‘If you want something,’ says Tony, ‘ask for it’.

So here I am, on the 1st of January 2016, taking Tony’s advice and, instead of making a secret resolution, asking you, ‘Make me a Millionaire!’

Wait! Don’t go away yet. I have it all worked out.

You may or may not know it, but there are, conservatively speaking, around 300 million English-speaking people in the world.

Speaking conservatively again, around 70 million of these people married in 2014. No doubt they went through a wedding ceremony, planned a wedding reception and went off on a Honeymoon.

Now here are my thoughts. I have published 6 books in English on the subject of weddings, honeymoon, celebrants, officiants and various celebrations.

If only 150,000 of these 70 million English-speaking, ceremony and honeymoon-planning people, bought only ONE of my books, I’d be a Millionaire.

So, guys and dolls, in the media land, help me to reach all those brides and grooms, mothers-of the bride, and all those other people involved in celebrations, who would benefit by buying one of my books - and at the same time benefit me.

Make my 2016 Resolution come true. Make me a Millionaire.

You'll find these books on Amazon and Smashwords.

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