Monday, January 25, 2016

Staying Motivated as a Celebrant

In pursuing the business of celebrancy, you need to be aware of two things – that there will be some good moments and some not so good. You will find that while you are busy, with plenty of bookings, and clients who seem to be appreciative of everything you’re doing, it will be easy for you to believe that in choosing to be a celebrant you have made the right decision.

It is when the ceremonies are few and far between, the clients more of a pain than a joy, that staying motivated will become a challenge. The few ceremonies become irksome in as much as they cut into your weekend without much financial reward. You are almost glad when the rare client rings you up and tells you that she has to cancel the ceremony.

How do you get out of this type of slump? Here are few things for you to remember and try.

Realize that the attitude you have with yourself is actually working against you. Whether you realize it or not, on an unconscious level you’re discouraging clients by your lack of enthusiasm and self-disappointment.

1. Get together with those people who are in your corner and will energise you with their support. They don’t have to be necessarily other celebrants, but they have to be people who believe in what you’re doing and admire you for it.

2. Keep a diary of the good moments that you have had with satisfied clients. There seems a tendency for people to hug to themselves all the unsatisfactory moments in their lives, while failing to give themselves a pat over the highs in their lives.

3. Always be aware of why you got into the business of celebrancy in the first place. Whether it was just the money, or being part of the great moments in other people’s lives, keep that in mind when things aren’t going too well for you.

4. With the above in mind, don’t get distracted with what other celebrants are doing if what they’re doing is not what you became a celebrant for. Focus only on what is meaningful for you.

5. To make sure that you do focus on your own objectives, write them down in your diary where you can see them every day. It is amazing how easily you can forget the reason why you’re doing what you’re doing. Allow yourself to be reminded every day of your life.
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