Sunday, March 13, 2016

Treasure Hunt – Andrea Camilleri

I loved Inspector Montalbano Italian television series, and I enjoyed this book about the Inspector. On the whole I enjoy translations sat in other cultures beside America which at times become predictable in terms of plot and character.

There were a few swear words which I could have done without.

As a matter of fact, I’m disconcerted at the amount of swearing included in modern fiction.

After the first few pages of Collins’ ‘The First Quarry’ I stopped reading the book altogether. The author was peppering the pages with so many four-letter words that he sounded like a kid who’d just discovered their existence.

Years ago I read somewhere that people who can’t put together one sentence without injecting an obscenity were ignorant, uneducated and inarticulate and could only express themselves in that way.

Current authors, however, have men, women – and possibly children – swearing like the proverbial troopers. They seem to include it not because of the type of character they’ve created or the situation the character is in but seemingly to show that this a tough sort of book.

I would really appreciate it if the publishers went back to the sometime used practice of marking the swearing words – if the author really feels he must include them – with asterisks.

I very much doubt that people fluent and addicted to swearing at all times are reading books. But if they did, they’d have the symbols to read the book in the way that suits them, while the rest of us wouldn’t feel our minds being polluted in spite of ourselves.

But to get back to Inspector Montalbano, this is not that kind of book, though the few four letter words that are there certainly wouldn’t have been missed if excluded.

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