Wednesday, April 20, 2016

15 Tips for a Perfect Honeymoon

1. Start thinking about your honeymoon on the day you get engaged.

2. Think and plan big, plenty of time to slim down your honeymoon plans when the time comes to make the hard decisions.

3. Spread the news far and wide that you’re planning your honeymoon. People love helping newly-weds both with advice and in a more substantial way.

4. Let each of you make up your own honeymoon preferences list in the early stages of honeymoon planning.

5. When the time comes compare your honeymoon lists.

6. Keep those honeymoon plans you both agree on.

7. Negotiate those honeymoon plans that appeal to one of you more than the other.

8. Discuss those honeymoon plans that one of you has never thought of. You never know, they might grow on you.

9. Read reviews about the location, accommodation, and other facilities you're looking for in your honeymoon.

10. If travelling will be extensive make sure you give yourself enough time for the honeymoon itself. 

11. Travel as light as you can. 

12. Put aside a percentage of your earnings for the honeymoon. Unless you actually make a firm commitment, it will never happen.

13. Save for your honeymoon however you can. Do you really need to have your wedding reception at the most expensive venue? What about some local spot at half the price. Or how about holding it in your aunt’s beautiful gardens.

14. The same goes for your wedding dress. Do your really need to spend a fortune on something you’ll wear once? Think of acceptable alternatives.

15. Whatever type of honeymoon you decide on start a regime of exercise and eating right so you have all the energy you need for whatever type of honeymoon you decide on.

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