Sunday, May 29, 2016

20 Tips for Planning a Public Garden Wedding

Thinking of a public garden for your wedding day? 

Here are some things to consider before going ahead. 

1. Walk around the gardens and look at the nooks and crannies as well as those areas specifically designated as wedding lawns. 

2. Look for suitable, decorative settings such as flowers in bloom, ponds, waterfalls, trees or trellises to use as decorations or background. 

3. Consider how much privacy you want and will get for your wedding ceremony in that particular area. 

4. Is there much noise from passing traffic, or water features, which might make your wedding ceremony difficult to hear? 

5. Will there be any shade for the bridal party as well as the guests? 

6. Will the area be difficult to find?  

7. Will you need to include a map with your wedding invitations? 

8. Are there any restrictions as to what you can and can’t do? 

9. Can you decorate the area with ribbons or balloons? 

10. How close to the wedding site will the bridal party and the guests be able to park? 

11. Is the wedding area be flat, uphill, downhill? 

12. Will the wedding party and guests have difficulty in walking in high heels? 

13. Is there are any undercover areas for you to have your wedding ceremony in case of rain? 

14. If not, have you decided on a substitute venue? 

15. How do you intend to contact your guests if you need to change the venue, and how close t the time will you decide? 

16. Find out if you need to book the area, and who to get in touch with to do so. 

17. Find out also what conditions apply. 

18. Are there any restrictions on the time you spend? 

19. Will you be allowed to use confetti, glitter, rice or rose petals in your wedding ceremony? 

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