Friday, June 10, 2016

Honeymoon for two, or three or more

According to 1,001 Honeymoons, for something very different but incredible memorable, try an Arctic Honeymoon. Apart from Ice and Snow Hotels and Glass Igloos there are also the unforgettable Northern Lights.
For those couples who will be taking honeymoon with their children, and who don’t mind the cold, there is the possibility of introducing their children to Santa Clause himself, as well as his elves, by visiting him in his Santa Clause village, in Finland. Here Santa Claus greets thousands of visitors from all over the world every day of the year.

Santa Clause Village is filled with shops showing arts and crafts from Finland, and also has its very own Santa's Post Office, and Santa's own stamps, that lets you send mail to friends back home. 

To learn more about Christmas traditions all over the world, the village includes the Christmas House, showing Christmas films, rare Christmas decorations from Lapland, Finland, United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Iceland, Japan, France, Austria, Spain, Poland and USA.

Whether you’re young or not so young Santa Clause is happy to have his photo taken with you.

Walk around the village, enjoy the giant snow men, slide down the ice slides or visit the shops, cafes and the post office.

Other experiences include reindeer sleigh rides, dog-sleigh rides, snowmobile rides. Depending on the weather, you might get to see the northern lights in their incredible colours.

For those who would like to see the wildlife, there is a Wildlife Park with 50 species of wild arctic animals and 200 animal specimens, including polar bears, brown bears, wolves, lynx, moose, deer, reindeer, squirrel, beaver as well as numerous birds.

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