Sunday, August 7, 2016

Your Baby and the Future

Many parents welcome their baby with a Baby Naming Ceremony which often ends with the handing out of Certificates to commemorate the event. 

The Certificates can include: 

·        Certificates for the baby

·        Horoscope Certificates outlining the Baby’s characteristics

·        Certificates for close relatives of the baby such as Grandparents, Aunts, Brother and Sisters

·        Certificates for the special people that are part of the Baby Naming Ceremony such as Godparents, Mentors, Sponsors, Guardians, Life Guardians

·        Certificates for each of the Guests 

Making a feature out of the presentation of the Certificates, at the end of the Baby Naming Ceremony the recipient can be asked to come out to receive the Certificate standing with the parents holding the Baby while guests are given the opportunity to take photographs. 

Here is a sample of a Horoscope Certificate given out to a Gemini baby born between 22nd May and 22nd of June.  

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