Saturday, April 1, 2017

You are what you eat

On my recent research for a book I’m writing on food and lovers, I came across ‘The Doctors Book in Food Remedies’,which is literally a dictionary on foods, and disorders that can be helped by eating right.

While we all pay lip service to the saying, ’we are what we eat’, in effect that phrase slides off our tongue and into an abyss as far as acting on the idea is concerned. If we are hit by a health problem it’s not food that we turn to, it’s the pharmacy or our friendly doctor.

And yet, we are what we eat, and when we don’t eat right, the results could be catastrophic. Under the chapter of ‘Ageing’, for example, a doctor has this to say, ‘I’ve seen people who thought they were having trouble with senility and who supposedly couldn’t look after themselves. What they really had was nutritional deficiency’.

There are similar thought-provoking chapters on Alzheimer’s Disease, Blood Pressure Control, Cataracts, Dental Health Food, Food Allergy, Gallstones, Heart Disease, Infertility, Menopausal Problems, Overweigh etc.

Yes, it’s an ABC of health issues and the foods which either help to fight them or keep them out of your life altogether.

No, it didn’t tell me anything about the right food for lovers – for that, I think I’ll have to look at some of the Arabic and Indian love manuals like ‘The Perfumed Garden’ or ‘Kama Sutra’ - but it has made me aware that by eating right I could be extending my writing life by years and years and years…..

I understand the longest anyone has lived so far is 122 years. Well, I’ve got a long way to go just to get to that, let alone beyond.

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