Tuesday, July 4, 2017

12 Ways to Personalise a Ceremony

1. To send out the invitations, or thank-you cards, order stamps from the post office which can be personalised with the photograph of those in whose honour the ceremony is being held.

2. Buy a miniature treasure chest. Use it either to create memories or as a time capsule. Depending on the type of ceremony, included in the chest could be cards – birthday cards for a child right to the age of 18 - photographs, favourite poems or sayings or advise, small gifts, beginning of a coin collection, stamp collection, popular CDs , up to date Guinness Book of Records, pebbles with each guests name or good wish written on, good luck symbols.

3. Create a wishing well, and have guests write their wishes on attractive coloured paper and drop them in as part of the ceremony.

4. Provide a photo board for your photographs of the celebratory party as well as the important people in their lives.

5. Order a personalised candle which can include names, dates, photographs and decorations meaningful for the person or persons concerned.

6. Have a video or a slide show of the important events in the person or persons’ lives.

7. Create a video of all the guests who will be present at the ceremony, asking them to offer their good wishes or share something insightful about the ceremonial person.

8. Dig a hole for a tree or a bush, ask each guest to take a handful of soil and as they place it around the tree in turn, ask them to make a silent wish for the person or persons concerned.

9. For such ceremonies as a funeral, naming or a renewal of wedding vows, create a certificate with important happenings on the date of their birth.

10. To give visual dimension to the ceremony release balloons, doves. Toss over the celebrating person or persons confetti, rose petals, herb mixtures, non-toxic glitter.

11. Get everyone present to blow bubbles in the air as at the same time.

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