Tuesday, August 15, 2017

15 Traits of an Evenful Wedding Day

Recently I attended a wedding which was thoughtfully and meaningfully put together; and here are the traits which made the wedding meaningful to the couple and eventful to the guests.

1. After viewing numerous venues for their wedding ceremony, and deciding it was all too same-same, the couple chose natural beauty of Qld University grounds.  Not only for the stunning landscape but because this was where they first met as students.

2. All floral arrangements and bouquets used native flowers and foliage, Created by the couple's friends, they reflected the natural setting.

3. All stationery created by a talented friend was uniquely personal, with an imaginative flair; and a real keepsake for those who attended.

4. The bride looked stunning in a personally designed dress of white lace and an off-white underskirt. Unlike the current trend, where we see all too much of the front, this bride decided on a modest front, and an exposed back.

5. For her head ornament, going with her natural setting, the bride wore a hand-woven thin circlet of native flowers; and so did her bridesmaids.

6. All bridal attendants were chosen by the close relationship they had with the couple for most of their lives.

7. Similarly, the Best Man had been a school friend to the Groom and the Maid of Honour a best friend of the Bride.

8.  Part of the Wedding Ceremony included readings which were meaningful to the couple's relationship as individuals and partners.

9. At the conclusion of the  Wedding Ceremony two people were called out to be the witnesses to the legal documents which had to be signed. Neither was aware that they had been chosen until that moment. Both had been close friends of the couple since their school years, and have kept in touch ever since.

10. The Reception venue was Red Room a student Bar and Grill hangout well-known to the Bride and Groom from their student days.

11. Seating was easy, with long tables and seats where guests could move from place to place at will.

12. Catering was just as easy, and food plentiful. While guests walked to the bar to choose their poison, the food itself was carried around by the staff throughout the night.

13. In between eating guests could, and did, entertain themselves at pool tables.

14. Backgrounding the whole shebang was a band that belted out music from Television Themes which most guests recognised and to which many danced to with gusto and much laughter.

15. Apart from the obligatory speeches, the couple decided to add their own thanks by taking turns to thank various people for their contribution to the wedding planning.

Everyone attending left with the feeling that this was the best wedding they had ever attended.

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