Sunday, November 16, 2014

Wedding by the Sea

As I live on a peninsula, many of the weddings I celebrate take place by the sea.

My most recent beach wedding involved a bride with a Scottish background and the wedding itself had a Scottish theme which included a Scottish Piper.

The celebratory spot chosen was decorated with an arch, chairs for guests, table and chairs for the signing of the legal documents, and a red carpet for the bride and groom.

Once the groomsmen and the bridesmaids were in place, the Scottish Piper, walking in front of them, piped in the bride and her father. He then remained standing beside the groomsmen throughout the wedding ceremony itself.

He piped during the signing of the documents which usually takes about five minutes.

As in the processional, so in the recessional, the Piper walked down the red carpet, followed by the bride and groom, their attendants, and lastly by the guests.

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