Friday, December 5, 2014

Wedding at Home

I have celebrated many weddings, but this morning I celebrated the very first wedding at my Redcliffe home.

It reminded me of the very first wedding I conducted as an appointed celebrant. It also took place in my home at Kingaroy, and I have to say I was more nervous than the bride and groom. And there were exactly five of us there. Bride and groom and two witnesses - one of whom I knew personally as she worked in my husband’s public accounting office.

Whether at my own home, or at the home of the bride and groom or their friends’, I find such weddings very satisfying. There is less hoopla about them, and more ease of manner and genuineness of feelings.

At one such weddings one of the guests shot a video of the wedding ceremony. Afterwards we all watched a reply of it on the television screen. Lots of fun and laughter at the expressions of some of the guests unaware of the roving video-taker.

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  1. Many people celebrate their wedding at home. I also celebrated my wedding in backyard of my home. You know I hired an event planning team which really worked in great manner. I can’t tell you that everyone enjoyed a lot there.