Thursday, January 22, 2015

Different Face

It seems I have a husband with hidden talents.

I already knew that he was an intrepid bowler. According to statistics, bowling is one of the most dangerous sports around. More bowlers die on the green than any other sportsmen playing their game. More ambulances visit bowling greens than any other sporting site.

There is also another list of statistics. 75% of bowlers are married, unlike other groups of sports people. Could it be a question of the bowler trying to get away from the spouse that keeps them rolling those balls to the very last breath?

Whatever the case, the other day he took a day off to be a model for the Redcliffe artists. Neither he, nor I, knew what to expect. But it seems that when it comes to bowlers the artists have some very definite rules. The sitter gets paid only if he keeps his clothes on!

Here are some results of their effort. 

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