Monday, January 5, 2015

My Favourite Thing

Made my way to Brisbane International for the sixth consecutive year and it was all drama, drama, drama.

Arriving at the Northgate station we were asked to evacuate the train because of some problems. We boarded a substitute train with standing room only. One passenger standing next to me, challenged a couple whose three children were seated while paying adults were standing. The father pretended to be asleep, the mother looked puzzled, and the children remained seated. (A moral there somewhere)

Changed train again for the last leg of the journey where we were visited by three or four Police Officers. They must have thought we looked innocent and innocuous, because they walked through without comment.

When we eventually reached Brisbane International, we descended upon the eatery like starving locust. By mid-afternoon Pat Rafter Arena was fragrant with fried - fried fish, fried chips, fried chicken, and other unrecognisable fried.

Speaking of which, according to the Courier Mail (5th January 2015) Queensland ‘is the fattest state in Australia’. Hope we lose that tag this year.

Contented, we watched three excellent matches despite the pouring rain outside. Both the Australian boys played excellent tennis, while their French opponents didn’t.

Caught the bus back to the Corinda Station. Corinda is my old stomping grounds. I attended the St. Joseph Primary School as well as Our Lady of the Sacred College there.

5th of January - a day to remember for all the right reasons.

Here we are being entertained by future champions using balls, bats and nets right for their size and age.

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