Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Aphrodisiacs? Seriously?

After staying in the house for two weeks fighting the flue, found that my cupboard was almost as bare as that of Old Mother Hubbard’s.

Eventually found in the dark recesses of the cupboard a tin of tomatoes – you can always do something with tomatoes.

In the freezer compartment of the refrigerator discovered a languishing packet of spinach and some peas. Hiding behind them was also a bit of frozen mince.

Actually, I freeze the mince for the stray cat who drops in when his other homes fail him; even though more often than not, he doesn’t eat the mince.

Now and then I am seriously offended by his sitting there looking down his nose at the mince, while mentally shaking his head at my limited abilities to provide.

But most of the time it’s just easier to go to the shop and buy raw chicken breast which he does condescend to eat.

But enough about the cat.

So now armed with my few ingredients I add some pasta and Bob’s your uncle. I’m glad my daughter isn’t here. Firstly, she finds my combination of ingredients odd, and in this case, the colour of my dish is sort of grey green, with bits of red floating around; tasting a lot better than it looks. In my opinion.

Now, you, too might be looking down your nose at my culinary efforts, but if you check the ingredients (Cross out the mince. The cat's probably right.) most of them have been lauded for thousands of years as not only being good for you, but very helpful in the bedroom.

You may laugh. But let me ask you this, who are the fabled masters of the bedroom games? Precisely. The Italians. Absolutely noted for their ability to charm the ladies.  And what is their food of choice? Tomatoes! Check. Onions! Check! Garlic! Check. Yeah, yeah, we'll add the oysters. But don't forget Italy has a lot of water around it, and they like all sorts of sea food. So put a check against sea food - unless you really, really like the oysters. (Yuck) You'll find these foods being touted in some of the oldest love manuals in world history, as foods noted for their helpful properties at intimate partying.

I'm not sure about spinach and the Italians - anyone knows about it, drop me a line - but here's what one modern expert has to say about it:
"There have been numerous Japanese studies which have documented the results achieved by spinach as an aphrodisiac, so those who have problems in the bedroom might want to consider eating more of this food on a regular basis." Food Answers And there you have it.

Based on my book 'Honeymoon! A Sizzle or a Fizzle? Prepare Mentally, Physically and Emotionally for the best Time of Your Life.

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