Saturday, July 4, 2015

Practical Tips on Running a Profitable Celebrancy Business

This is book was written by an Australia Celebrant for those people who are Celebrants or who are thinking of becoming Celebrants.

 Most people, when the subject of Celebrants come up, immediately think of Marriage Celebrants. Of course to be a Marriage Celebrant you not only need training, you also need to be a legally appointed person.

But you don’t need any specific training or legal appointment to celebrate the many other social events that people like to mark with a special ceremony. Couples celebrating their Wedding Anniversary might like to make a Renewal of Wedding Vows Ceremony part of their celebration.

Parents or the single mother will often introduce their new baby to their family and friends with a Baby Naming Ceremony. More often than not this Ceremony takes place on the baby’s first birthday.

A couple, thinking of getting married overseas, and knowing that most of their relatives and friends won’t be joining them there, might choose to have a Commitment Ceremony for their relatives and friends here before they go overseas for their actual Wedding Ceremony.

Some couples, not quite ready for marriage, but deciding to live together, might also have a Commitment Ceremony before setting up home together. This ceremony is often attractive to the couple with children who want to make the children feel secure and part of this new relationship.

These are only some of the Ceremonies that can be celebrated by the person who has the talent and the interest. How to be a Profitable Celebrant: Practical Tips on Running a Profitable Celebrancy Business will help you to decide whether this business is for you, and then tell you how to run with it.

The book is being sold as an ebook on Amazon and Smashwords. And, while I wrote it with Australian Celebrants in mind, any Celebrant anywhere in the world will find it helpful. As these reviews show.

Book Review - 1st June 2015
This is a great book very well written. If you are thinking about starting any kind of celebrant business buy this book it follows right along with my college course for the most part.

Book Review - 3rd June 2015
Worth every cent! My only complaint about this book is that it only comes in eBook format!!! (I would love a hard copy!) Vlady Peters covers anything and everything it takes to become a profitable (and happy) Celebrant. The book IS Australia-centric, but all material/ideas are easily adjusted to fit American laws, regulations, and standards. I would purchase this book again in a heart-beat!

Appreciate your reviews. This book is being used not only by Celebrants, but also by Celebrant Trainers.

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