Thursday, September 1, 2016

Honeymoon with a Purpose

Have you considered a honeymoon with a purpose? If you both love the races choose a place which runs races half a dozen times a week and attend as many of them as you can. Set a budget for your betting and stick to it. Losing all your money is not a great start to a marriage.

Then there are those couples who have found enjoyment in the lowly pub crawls, energetic zoo crawls, and culturally uplifting, museum crawls. And did you hear about the dairy farmer who decided to make his honeymoon a time to learn more about his livelihood. In the two weeks that the two of them were on the road, they visited any substantial dairy on the way. Not only did they find this educational, they made some friendship that lasted a lifetime. If you’ve a passion, find a place where it’s happening, and go for it.

You might even time your honeymoon with an event that you’ve always wanted to attend, like an exhibition or a festival of some sorts. Double your own pleasure by sharing this love with your partner.

If one of you is an extremely active person, while the other one gets tired just watching television, choose a place where each of you has something to do. That is, if one of you would like to spend time playing golf, make sure that the place you choose has plenty to offer your partner in terms of sight-seeing or whatever it is she or he is most disposed to doing.

Extract from 'Honeymoon! A Sizzle or a Fizzle'
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Got suggestions on other purpose related honeymoons? Share them with the rest of us.

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