Friday, September 30, 2016

Wedding in your own Backyard

A backyard Wedding can be a simple ceremony with wedding guests gathered informally around the bride and groom, or a formal wedding ceremony which includes a wedding march opened with Scottish bagpipes or a violin quartet.

Here are some wedding planning hints for a wedding in your own backyard.

1. Lay a red or white runner for your wedding march, or outline the path with rose petals, pot plants, glitter.

2. Set up and decorate a wedding arch for the exchanging of your wedding vows and your wedding rings.

3. For an evening wedding have a few spotlights aimed at the important parts of the backyard, such as the table for the signing of the wedding certificate and the marriage register.

4. Decorate your backyard, and even the outside of your house with fairy lights, streamers, colourful balls, flowers, balloons and pot plants.

5. If your wedding has a theme such as a wedding that includes a Handfasting ceremony, emphasise the colours of the cords or ribbons that you use for tying your hands.

6. Include accessories such as brooms for the jumping of the broom wedding ceremony, tartans and swords for the Celtic wedding ceremony.

7. For the comfort of your wedding guests, have portable heaters, insects repellants, and spotlights for them to find their way.

8. If you have pets, no matter how well behaved, for their own protection as well as the guests, lock them away, or place them in a kennel for the duration of the wedding ceremony. Pets, no matter how placid usually, can become stressed at a wedding where they are faced with innumerable people, most of whom they have not encountered before.

9. Always plan an alternative venue such as transferring your wedding ceremony to a veranda or a tent, in case of bad weather.

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