Wednesday, January 3, 2018

30 Ways to make 2018 a HAPPY year

If you've been wondering whether 2017 could have been better, introduce some of these changes and make 2018 a year to remember.

1. Spend more time with family and friends.
2. Stop smoking.
3. Lose weight by eating sensibly.
4. Exercise to become fit and healthy.
5. Enjoy and celebrate life daily.
6. Start saving.
7. Get rid of your credit cards.
8. Stop spending.
9. Learn something new.
10. Take up something you loved as a child.
11. Volunteer in causes you’re interested in.
12. Organise the various parts of your life.
13. Take a trip – even if it’s just a bus trip to discover the city you live in.
14. Talk to at least one new person every day.
15. Make a phone call weekly to interact with people you’ve lost touch with.
16. If you’re a TV addict, give up the habit for one day a week, and read instead.
17. Get a decent night’s sleep.
18. Get excited about life.
19. Get rid of junk.
20. Think twice about replacing it with other junk.
21. Stop drinking.
22. If you spend too much time sitting around, start walking or gardening or anything that will move you from that chair.
23. Buy a diary and start recording your daily activity, even if it’s only a walk to the corner store. 
24. Start remembering friends’ birthdays and anniversaries.
25. Visit your parents not regularly, but unexpectedly and often.
26. Drive with care and courtesy.
27. Give away what you don’t want or need.
28. Concentrate on doing rather than buying.
29. Meet up for coffee or lunch with friends you rarely see.
30. Do one thing a month you’ve never dreamt of doing – attending a local dance, art show, school fete, theatre production, church service etc.

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