Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Life or Death

Just watched a film called ‘The Day the Earth Caught Fire’. Long story short, four months from the discovery, earth was going to go up in flames. Riots and demonstrations followed the announcement. A placard caught my eye.

‘Water is Life’ it proclaimed. You can’t argue with that.

Water is Life.
We have to have water to live.
Like air, we can’t live without water.

Being so essential to our very existence, one would think that water would be the one thing that our expensive government, would be responsible for.

But no. Our government has shunted off this responsibility on to private bodies. And what do private bodies care about? Well, it’s not about building dams and conserving water.

Instead, throughout the Internet you will find articles on:

how to shower so you can use less water
how to flush – or possibly not flush your toilet – to use less water
how to clean using less water
how to garden using less water

in short, do things using less water, because the water bills keep going up and up - while the water levels are going down and down. 

So, if water – without which we can’t live – is of no interest to our government, what is it that engages their concern? 

'Politicians rack up more than $101 million in expenses' says one paper in 2012. And 'The most outrageous thing pollies have spent our money on' says another in 2016. There's nothing the little people and their bills.

Serious about saving water?  Please share.


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