Sunday, March 4, 2018

Wedding versus Marriage

When the Civil Marriage Celebrant programme first came into existence in Australia back in 1974, it was considered more as a service to the community than anything else. A wonderful idea where couples could get married any where - their home. or beach or any public place.

At the same time, the wedding could take place on any day of the week, and any time of the day.

The cost of such a wedding was minimal. Even the celebrant's fees were set by the government.

Somewhere along the way, the bridal industry came into existence, and weddings stopped being a private affair between two people, and became big business. As someone said, mention the word Weddings, and it's like a magnet to all things that spell money.

Perhaps one of the worst things that has happened to weddings, is that couples, pressured by the  big, expensive, lavish weddings they read about on the Internet, actually borrow money from the bank in order to achieve that expensive wedding. As someone said,

'I should have invited my bank manager to my wedding – the money I borrowed for my big day stuck around longer than my husband did'.

And that's another worry. According to studies, the debts from the wedding, actually tend to undermine the marriage. So if you want a happy. long-lasting marriage a less expensive wedding is more likely to result in a happier, longer marriage.

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