Thursday, February 18, 2016

Honeymoon with Baubles, Bangles and Beads

If you are a man who enjoys jewellery, make your choice in the context of your overall look and not either as a challenge or a sop to your unspoken critics.

Take into consideration your size, bulk and type. If you’re a huge man don’t poke a little-girl slipper in your ear. Instead, wear a huge bracelet or a massive watch or a gold necklace. If you’re bald – because you like the look or because nature hasn’t given you a choice - and you’re into jewellery, keep your skull beautifully clean and polished and your jewellery impressive; exotic, even.

Is your challenge not lack of hair but an over abundance of it? Watch not only the style and size of your jewellery but also the part of your body to which you attach it. Have you ever noticed that ancient civilizations usually were either hairy and without jewellery, or satiny smooth and full of precious ornamentation? For example, Egyptians who were fond of wearing necklaces, rings and ear studs, were in the habit of removing all body hair - quite often even the hair on their heads.

Still, if you will wear jewellery irrespective of what earlier mankind considered appropriate, anything you hang on your magnificently hairy chest should be good sized and in no way apologetic. The same goes for your hairy knuckle. A hairy knuckle shouldn’t be wearing anything small and timid. Make sure that the ring is not only worthy of exhibition, but also impossible to miss.

If you’re a woman who wants to sparkle remember that one good, sensational piece will awake more interest than half a dozen little nothings - even expensive nothings - strewn all over your body. Still, use any jewellery you do wear to enhance your appearance.

If you’re wearing earrings keep them close to your face if you’re a mature woman. Dangling items around the face don’t flatter. If you’re young and want to dazzle and dally him wear an intriguing item like an anklet - and give him the opportunity to take it off - eventually!

Like a man who wears jewellery, make sure there is harmony between the size of the piece you’ve chosen and your own size and shape. If yours is a small hand, you might choose one or more small rings. On the other hand, if yours are large hands, you will find one large ring very becoming. If you have stubby fingers, a large stone may not be particularly flattering. Similarly, round stones or wide bands are not the best choice for the plump hand. On the other hand a very wide bracelet may be just want you need if you have a thick wrist.

As a mature woman who wears jewellery and glasses, regard the latter as a glittering accessory in itself. Keeping the face-jewellery small and with dull rather than glittering shine, use earrings and a bracelet rather than earrings and a necklace. Keep your make up low key with emphasis on eyes and mouth instead of cheeks.

And speaking of glasses, even though Dorothy Parker stated famously that guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses, glasses can also be chosen with shapes that flatter and enhance the shape of the face. If you have a round face, choosing a wide frame will make the lower half of the face look thinner. A small frame will flatter the small face, while a long frame is best for the long face. If yours is a square face, choose large square or oblong frames going past the cheeks to reduce the square look of the lower part of the face.

Taken from the book, ‘Honeymoon! A Sizzle or a Fizzle? Prepare Mentally, Physically and Emotionally for the Best Time of Your Life’.

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