Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ebook Course

Some questions to ask yourself about the ebook you're considering to write or publish.

Lesson one. The book

  1. Why am I writing a book
  2. What is the book about
  3. Have I made a serious plan of how to structure the book
  4. What qualifications, expertise or talent do I bring to my writing
  5. Who do I expect to read my book
  6. Where will I find these readers
  7. Have I looked to see if there are any similar books to the one I’m writing
  8. What are their titles
  9. Are they catchy or could I improve on them
  10. Did I notice the style and format the book took
  11. What about the book cover. Was it professional, attractive
  12. Would the blurb on the back of the book motivate you to buy the book
  13. What about the author’s biography
  14. How long or short was this book
  15. What was it priced
  16. Did I feel I could improve on it. In what way

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