Monday, February 20, 2017

Engagement Ring part of the Wedding Ceremony

Brides often wonder, should they wear their Engagement Ring during the Wedding Ceremony or remove it altogether for the whole Wedding Day? 

Then there’s the bride who decides not to wear the Engagement Ring during the Wedding Ceremony but place it on her finger immediately after signing the Marriage Register.

And then there’s the third option - the bride does wear her engagement ring during the Wedding Ceremony, but on the right hand instead of the left. 

And the fourth option is to make the Engagement Ring part of the Wedding Ceremony. 

Throughout the Wedding Ceremony, including the exchanging of the Wedding Rings, the Bride wears the Engagement Ring on the fourth finger of her right hand. Then just before the Celebrant declares the couple as husband and wife, he or she may say something like this:

                 John, when you first made your commitment to Mary, the Engagement Ring symbolized your intentions to your future relationship.  

Now that you have exchanged your wedding vows, please take the engagement ring from Mary’s right hand, and place it where it belongs – next to the wedding ring. 

And then the Celebrant concludes the Wedding Ceremony with the official declaration.

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