Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wedding Flowers - And Their Meaning

Many flowers have meanings attached to them. Some brides will select those which signal the required message. Here are some flowers and their messages:

Camellia You are perfection

Cherry blossoms - You are my best friend

Forget-me-nots - My love is true

Ivy - You may always trust me

Jonquils - I return your affection

Orange blossom - My love is pure

Peach blossom - I am captivated by you

Purple lilac - You are my first love

Red and white roses - We are one

Red tulip - Let everyone know I love you

Red chrysanthemum - I love you

White roses - I am worthy of your love

Ranunculus - You charm me with your beauty

Red pinks - My love is pure  

Fashionable Bouquets
Fashions vary, and there was a time when a bride, on her wedding day, carried a veritable garden. Over the years brides have walked down the aisle carrying one flower, picked in their own backyard. In an informal bush-setting some have carried cultivated blooms augmented with fluffy wattle. Instead of the exotic orchids some have used native varieties. As a symbol of the smooth and rough patches of life some combine fragile blooms against a background of cactus leaves.

Dressed wholly in white, a bride may choose to carry a matching white bouquet. If her bridesmaids, to complement their dark outfits are carrying dark flowers, she may dilute the colour of their bouquets by including some of her white blooms. A bride who feels she is looking too stark as a totally white bride adds colour by dispersing some of her attendants’ flowers in her own bouquet. In a casual setting a bride may decide to have all bouquets in one colour. If she is in white and the bridesmaids are wearing blue all bouquets may be made up predominantly in yellow.

When the bridesmaids and the groomsmen are wearing contrasting colours a bride may choose flowers which harmonise with both. If the groomsmen are in blue and the bridesmaids are in yellow, all bouquets may be made up of blue and yellow flowers. White blooms or green foliage may be added as a neutralising agent.

Those brides who have a particular interest in being provided with good wedding photographs will deliberately scatter a few coloured flowers among their predominately white flowers or add a few green leaves. Or if the bouquet is to be wholly white, to allow the camera to catch some outlines, will ask for a loosely arranged bouquet.

Brides who intend to play around with their own flower arranging choose flowers which are long-lasting.


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