Tuesday, June 13, 2017

8 Ways for a Smooth start to a Wedding

1…Have helpers seat guests or direct guests to the wedding site

2…Appoint friends to greet guests, introduce guests to each other and familiarize guests with facilities available at the venue

3…Give your travelling guests couple of names of friends who will act as contacts for direction to and assistance at the wedding

4…Ask family members to have out of town guests use their home as a meeting place

5…Have someone greet the celebrant and introduce the celebrant to members of the bridal party, family members, site proprietor or the wedding coordinator

6…Appoint one person to give the celebrant all the necessary and correct information regarding the setting up of the ceremonial site and any changes which might have taken place since your last meeting with the celebrant

7…Ensure that guests are offered a drink in hot weather and have the necessary facilities pointed out to them

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