Monday, December 5, 2016

Hotel? Wedding!

My latest wedding took place at Mono Komo, Hotel Redcliffe. 

The setting and set up was very much like that of Belvedere Hotel. In the case of Belvedere Hotel, it was meant to be an outdoor setting, but turned into an indoor setting when the weather wouldn’t cooperate. 

In both cases the same room was used for both the wedding ceremony and the reception, although in the one case the tables were set up immediately after the wedding ceremony. 

Apart from Mon Komo and Belvedere Hotel– both of which are on the Redcliffe Peninsula – other very special hotels where I’ve enjoyed conducting wedding ceremonies include Full Moon at Sandgate, Stanford Plaza Hotel which is on the doorstep of Brisbane City Botanical Gardens; itself a popular place for wedding celebration and Conrad Treasury Brisbane Hotel, a heritage building described as 'the city's  most charming building' and which is also part of the Casino. 

There are many pluses for holding a wedding ceremony at a hotel, including the convenience of having the wedding and the wedding reception at the same place and being able to accommodate those of your wedding guests who intend to stay overnight.

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