Saturday, December 17, 2016

What Kind of Honeymoon

In my book ‘Honeymoon! A Sizzle or a Fizzle?’ I mention the many types of honeymoon that couples have taken – from the highly romantic, to the most prosaic.

Unusual though it may seem, some honeymoons have been a mixture of business and pleasure. There's the case of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMagio. After a proposal which took place at Christmas 1953, the couple married in 1954 and decided on  Japan as their honeymoon destination. It was a bit of a start and stop affair.

After spending their wedding night at a hotel, Joe took his new wife to his family home where they stayed as guests rather than family and then off to Japan accompanied by their best man O’Doul and his wife Jean.

However, while there. Monroe, at that time very much in demand as an entertainer, was asked to travel to Korea and perform for the American soldiers there. She complied, leaving her new husband in Japan, his companions his best man and his best man’s wife.

While DiMaggio, needless to say, was not happy to be left alone on his honeymoon, he himself had decided to mix business with pleasure by accepting to go to Japan in order to demonstrate his baseball s.kills.

Marilyn returned to Japan from her four-day trip to Korea with a slight case of pneumonia. Upon recovery the couple continued their honeymoon, touring some of Japan's smaller villages.

Then I’ve read somewhere recently that a rose grower spend his honeymoon visiting other rose-growers to find out what worked and what didn’t.

Apparently while he was chatting away about the pros and cons of this or that rose, his newly-wedded wife sat in the car tapping her toes; her temper not improved by the fact that her husband never came out with some decent roses for her edification, but with the ailing breeds which he hoped to improve.

We know that Marilyn’s marriage didn't last long: and there’s no information about the rose-grower and his wife.

Business and pleasure might be good sometimes, but whether it works for a honeymoon?........

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