Friday, October 14, 2016

Destination Wedding Honeymoon

Thinking of combining your wedding with your Honeymoon in a faraway place away from your family and friends? 

More and more couples are doing it. In some cases they make the decision because the partnership is of such long standing that a wedding ceremony among friends, who already regard them as a married couple, seems a little uncomfortable. In other cases the marriage may be a cause of consternation among some members of the family. In the end it just seems less complex to face the family after performing the deed. 

There is often the financial consideration where families may be too large for the couple’s financial resources and it may seem more practicable to do away with the huge reception. And lastly, the couple may be genuinely enthralled to make their new beginning as husband and wife in the most exotic locale they can think of. 

The plan will then be to have at the wedding any children the couple may have, and very close relatives and friends only. 

In discussing the matter of travel and accommodation, ask your travel agent if there are any group discounts, and pass this information on to your guests. It may or may not make a difference to whether they can afford to join you or not. Choose your accommodation with a view to what will suit your guests as well as yourself, unless your heart is set on a particular resort and you prefer to book your guests in a resort close by. 

Lastly, when deciding on a destination wedding honeymoon, is the matter of having your honeymoon become a family and friends reunion. Is being surrounded with all these people for the rest of your honeymoon your idea of a perfect honeymoon? If it is, great! If it’s not, decide how you’re going to detach yourself from your wedding guests after the reception so that they can go their way, while you go yours. 

Ideally, arrive at your destination a day or two before the rest of your guests. This will give you an opportunity to find out how and where your ceremony will take place, and how your reception is to be set up. Meet up with all the people who are part of the planning process and make sure you are happy with everything, or that everything is according to the way you expect it to be. 

If you have a friend or a family member living at the destination you’ve decided on for your wedding/honeymoon location, ask them to direct you to the right service provider. Better still, ask them to contact the providers themselves and ask them for quotes. It is not unusual that quotes for locals could be substantially lower than for tourists. 

Similarly, if any friends or acquaintances, or even friends of friends, have celebrated their wedding in that location, ask for their input. In particular, check to make sure that your wedding ceremony ends up being a legal one. 

As is the case of a normal wedding, destination wedding/honeymoon can be very expensive or less expensive. If money is in short supply, you will find it less costly if you don’t get married on a Saturday, since in most countries this the favourite day for weddings. 

Travelling off season will also cut your cost in terms of travelling costs, as well as accommodation costs. You need to weigh that against what the weather will be like in off-season, and what is offered in season which is not being offered in off season. If you intend to do most of your wedding shopping at your wedding/honeymoon destination refrain from going to bridal stores which are inevitably dearer than the normal stores.

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