Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Do you need a Wedding Ring?

I guess we’ve all seen the movie where the best man drops the wedding ring and everyone madly scrambles round the floor, hoping that the wedding ring hasn’t fallen through some crack never to be found again.

And the other scenario where the best man dips slowly into his right pocket, then more quickly into his left pocket, and then with horror on his face into his inside pocket, then pats himself down over every possible pocket while it dawns on him …. He’s forgotten the ring. Catastrophe! How can the wedding proceed without a ring?

If the wedding is being held at a house, someone may race into the bathroom to rip off the shower curtain off the rod, and grab one of the shower curtain rings. Day saved. The wedding can proceed. The ring may not be an elegant substitute, but it is a ring. In another situation – as in ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ – someone within the congregation may save the day with their ring.

Yet, the fact is, a legal marriage is not dependent on the wedding ring. You can eliminate it altogether from your wedding ceremony and you would still be married. It’s only a ritual, and not part of the binding contract of a marriage ceremony.

If you don’t normally wear jewellery, or if you’re a tradesman for whom it would be dangerous to wear a ring at work, do you really need that wedding ring to make you feel married?

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