Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Surprise Wedding - Should You or Shouldn't You?

Partners who have been together for many years, constantly being urged by their relatives and friends to get married, may choose to hold a wedding ceremony when their friends least expect it. Some of these surprise weddings include: 

1. On Christmas day after everyone has opened their gifts but before they sit down to dinner. This is especially a good surprise when relatives are spread all over the countryside and this is one day when they will all be in the one place. 

2. New Year's Eve or New Year's Day are two other days being used for unexpected wedding ceremony as it symbolises a new beginning. 

3. Another celebratory day which can be turned into a wedding day is a birthday party for either one or the other partner. You wait until the party has been going for a few hours and guests have begun to relax, and then spring the surprise. 

4. If you can’t wait for any special occasion, but your family and friends are party-types invite them to a family barbeque for no particular reason at all. 

5. Make sure the wedding will be a pleasant surprise and not a shock or even a disappointment to those of your relatives or friends who have never taken to your partner. Perhaps a few hints beforehand about your thinking about getting married might warm them to the idea so that the surprise is not all that unexpected.

6. On the other hand, if your closest family members have been looking forward to your wedding, consider whether they may be disappointed at having missed out on the wedding planning. 

7. Give some indication that this is going to be a special day so that your guests won't be embarrassed by the way they've dressed. 

8. If your guests are the kind that don't believe in watches, either be prepared to wait till every one of your guests arrives, or give the slow-coaches a reason for arriving on time – I need help with something and you are the only person whom I can rely upon etc. etc……. 

9. Once you are ready for the wedding ceremony, slip out of the room to get dressed, while appointing someone to announce you with fanfare. He or she doesn’t have to spell out what’s going to happen next; simply calling everyone’s attention to something about to happen. If the wedding march music follows this announcement most guests will get the idea.

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