Monday, October 31, 2016

Sand Blending Wedding Ceremony

The blending of sands in the wedding ceremony symbolises the union taking place. 

The single containers of sands symbolise the individuals before their marriage. The main container represents their union as husband and wife. 

Couples, with children from former marriages, will include the children in the wedding ceremony through a blending of sand ceremony to symbolise union of both families. 

Different coloured sand can be used by each member of the family involved in the wedding ceremony. Or only two different coloured sand is used - one representing members of each family. 

Want to include your young baby in the wedding ceremony? Have one of the grandparents pour the sand on the child's behalf, symbolising not only this child, but any future children the bride and groom may have. 

For visual effect, each person might pour only some of the sand at a time, until all sand is used up. 

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